JOHN KRETLOW - Thursday, January 21, 2010
Speculation that former Houston Dynamo midfielder Stuart Holden was going to sign with Portuguese power Sporting Braga quickly diminished after the club denied any validity to the rumor.

The Daily Mirror, a UK news outlet, reported that Bolton turned down the chance to sign Holden and that the American would instead sign with Sporting Braga in Portugal.

Ricardo Lemes, Sporting Braga's press officer, put an end to the speculation. "It's not true," Lemes told Yanks Abroad.

"Our team is closed right now, we have made all the changes," Lemes went on to say in regards to his club's connection with the American midfielder.

In the Portuguese first division, teams have a limited amount of winter moves they can make. Sporting Braga has made all the moves possible this winter, thus signing Holden would be against league rules.

The 24-year-old has been on trial for both Burnley FC and Bolton of the English Premier League this winter, in hopes of finding a home on European soil. The Houston Dynamo have offered Holden a long-term contract that would raise his salary considerably.

This winter, the American has garnered interest from teams in Scotland and England, apart from MLS wanting him to sign a new contract.