MATHEW WAGNER - Friday, October 12, 2012
Despite the international break, the Norwegian second division will stop for nothing, with potentially two matchups of multiple Americans pitted against each other highlighting the schedule.

Alta IF - Start Kristiansand

Both Brendan King and Villyen Bijev could feature for Alta and Start, respectively, in this important game for Alta.

King, having made the move from Ireland to the Norwegian in late August, has made only five substitute appearances for his new team, playing 148 minutes in the process. He's hoping to keep Alta from falling into the Norwegian third level.

His team is in deep trouble, though, and needs a lot of help, sitting 10 points out of safety with five games to go.

Start, meanwhile, is sitting pretty atop the Adeccoligaen standings with a nine-point cushion between it and second place Sandefjord.

Because of that, the team can afford to put up some experimental sides, which means 19-year-old Bijev could make his starting debut for the league leaders.

Neither team is reporting any injuries at this time.

Ullensaker/Kisa IL - Bӕrum SK

In this American match-up, forward Kenneth di Vita Jensen and Ullensaker/Kisa host defender Sebastian Troupe and last place Bӕrum.

Di Vita Jensen and Ullensaker/Kisa have not experienced much success since the forward arrived on loan from Hønefoss. The team has lost four of its last five games, with a total of three goals over that span being the main reason for the struggles.

Still, Ullensaker/Kisa sits in ninth place and seven points in safety, meaning it would take a collapse of epic proportions for the team to drop.

As much as Ullensaker/Kisa would need to collapse to be relegated, Bӕrum needs a miracle to stay in the Adeccoligaen.

The team is out of safety by 12 points with only five games to go. That means along with winning out, Bӕrum must have both Hødd and Strømmen record no more than two points in the final stretch in order to stave off relegation.

Neither team is reporting any injuries at this time.


Rhett Bernstein, Kyle Helton and Mjøndalen's game against Strømmen has been postponed until October 31.

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