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JOHN KRETLOW - Wednesday, August 15, 2012
The United States National team won their first game ever at Mexico in the Estadio Azteca Wednesday night.

After 75 years and 25 attempts by the Americans, Michael Orozco Fiscal's goal in the 79th minute gave the US a historic victory over their storied rival.

Mexico dominated the possession throughout the game, while the US played inspired and organized defensively.

The first half saw sparse opportunities for the US, but their best shot came early in the 5th minute when Herculez Gomez sneaked in back of the Mexican backline and was brought down by contact. The Santos Laguna forward still managed to take a shot that went wide of Guillermo Ochoa's goal.

In the 37th minute, Mexico's Andres Guardado sent in a dangerous low cross aimed at Javier Hernandez, but Stoke City's Geoff Cameron was first to the ball to dispel the opportunity.

A frustrated Mexico went into half time scoreless, but came out inspired and nearly found the back of the net on many occasions.

In the 56th minute Cameron again came up big defensively as he denied Hernandez a clear shot by heading a ball out of danger impressively.

The US almost scored on a freak play in the 61st minute, as Kyle Beckerman lofted a 40 yard shot over an out of position Ochoa that sailed just over the top of the goal.

As the game entered its final stages and a scoreless draw was looking to be the final score, the US found the back of the net because of a couple of unlikely sources.

Just fresh from coming in the game, Brek Shea made a run into Mexico's box, beat a defender, and slid a ball to Terrance Boyd. The forward back heeled the ball to a streaking Orozco who tapped the ball in for the only goal of the game.

Mexico would put the pressure on in the end though, causing Tim Howard to come up with two highlight reel saves in the dying minutes. Hernandez was the author of both shots, one from a deflected shot and another from a close range header.

Jermaine Jones and Maurice Edu received yellow cards for the US, while Héctor Moreno was booked for Mexico.

The US next goes on to play a pair of World Cup Qualifiers in September against Jamaica, as Mexico will do the same against Costa Rica.
Friday August 17, 2012 10:21 am
Huge win; made me feel sorry for the Mexicans for the first time EVER (not). Soccer is the most capricious sport.
Shea's straight line nutmeg was sublime. Boyd's backheel wishful. Orozco's half-wimpering left foot goal classic opportunism.
How did Howard get off his lower left leg without tearing something in his knee on that deflection? It was entirely underneath him, wrong angled, as he went back to his left. Flexibility and strength beyond belief.
The save on the header...another reflex reaction lightning quick response built on sound positioning, instinct and Chicharito's bad luck night.
The danger here is that it wasn't a qualifier, and Mexico will come out, next time, looking to put this away early.
Donovan? Could have had a couple of long range shots and took an extra touch instead...favoring that hammy?
Edu should never be in midfield again.
Jones is a slimy dirtbag who gets away with a hundred little and not-so little nasty things in close quarters. He has an energy driven game that I don't know where he's best suited for...but certainly not as an orchestrator, except, of course, of chaos.
Cameron looked like a deer in the headlights whenever the cameras did a close up, but he played like a fox, and a big one at that.
Got to hand it to Klinnsman. They had a plan, said he. OK, so it wasn't the one that happened, but the win stands.
Soccer, got to love it.
Thursday August 16, 2012 6:16 pm
I'm currently in the beginning stages of writing a book titled, "How I quit worrying about who played and who didn't play when I realized Jurgen Klinsmann doesn't read what I post and my opinions are basically worthless." Pick it up. It's a hot read.
Thursday August 16, 2012 1:13 pm
Someone just beat me to saying it, so I'll reiterate: Bradley. We miss him (or Holden, if he ever comes back) desperately when we don't have him. No one else plays that role, and that's why all we had were occasional pot shots and mostly just defended. We defended well, though, with everyone contributing and early pressure, so Mexico could keep possession but really couldn't get close ever, just put hopeful balls into the box and won fouls (some of which were masterfully simulated by Chicharrito). They looked more likely to score because of all those hopeful balls, but there weren't really a lot of dangerous penetrations.

One of the keys to how well the defense worked against Mexico was speed. The backs never lost a step, and Edu and Cameron were so fast to pressure (maybe because they are midfielders?). Cameron was awesome, but he and Edu did have a few, not-usually-CB moments of trying to pass out of the box under pressure, with at least one Cameron header and one Edu short pass leading to immediate, dangerous counters, but it was a far cry from Gooch/Boca and any of the LBs and RBs (Dolo is getting slow, too) of the last couple of years, save the Germans and Castillo.

Finally, Boyd made a huge difference. We missed Bradley, but somehow Boyd seemed to give us some hold up, some outlets, relieved some of that pressure, and, of course, helped manufacture the marvelous goal. I watched on Univision, and the commentators were in raptures about it. It was beautiful.
Thursday August 16, 2012 12:26 pm
Great win for the team and Klinsi. But where is that positive attacking style that we were supposed to be playing? I hope that Klinsi realizes that winning on the road in CONCACAF is going to look a lot more like we saw last night than anything that resembles the beautiful game. I am OK with that. I'll take mentally tough and ugly 1-0 wins over pretty defeats any day of the week.
man s
Thursday August 16, 2012 10:59 am
An amazing achievement by a patchwork team. So awesome. Great to see the young guys stick together and keep focus. There were still a lot of negatives though. It's shocking how easily we give up possession. Obviously, Bradley is key to making that happen - he just may be our best player right now. I hope this kind of success by the younger guys helps push the vets to more spirited play (you listening Landon?).
Thursday August 16, 2012 10:45 am
What I saw. A determined, inspired USMNT makeshift starting 11. Torres not very good again. Williams is not a Winger. Brek Shea finding his love of the game again. Donovan while had a tweaked hamstring seems to not be in the right frame of mind. Yet again he was relunctant to take on defenders.

Our Backline just gained much more depth, and Boyd continues his upward trajectory.

Players I would like to see going FWD:

Chris Pontius- As I was watching Williams struggle again; I thought to myself damn it would be nice to have Pontius out there.
Freddy Adu- Say what you want about the mecurial attacker, but I have seen him show much more and better than Torres ever has.
Josh Gatt- For once I would love to see a blistering, pacey winger brought in.

Players we need to see more of.

Corona- I have a feeling he may help out with this possession problem we are having.
Beckerman- For me in the second half he was stellar, and deserves more call-ups.

Hopefully, Cameron and Edu will continue to blossom as defenders.

Lastly: If Holden comes back just as strong as he was before the injury then for me he immediately supplants Torres.

Great Win boys!!!! lets keep it going into qualifying.
Thursday August 16, 2012 9:53 am
Amazing performance. Mexico certainly had the possession and chances but they didn't run us over like I expected. Our defense is much quicker without Cherundoo/Boca there. Cameron and Fabian were huge. Castillo plays way foo far off his men and never makes the easy pass but he's talented and really quick. He needs a lot of games at his club but I wouldn't give up on him yet.

Great work by Shea/Boyd/Orozco, 3 guys to get excited about, really glad for them and US team. Shea should be sold if he's not gonna play at Dallas, too good to not be in Europe starting for a small club.

Torres, that's enough, he can't trap a ball without staring at his feet which is why he loses possession so much. Not talented or confident enough, lucky he didn't cost us in 1st half.

Love Tim Howard, getting better every year, i still think he'll peak in another year or two.

Anyone at that game should have loads of confidence coming back to their teams now!
The Wimpy Hooligan
Thursday August 16, 2012 9:13 am
Awesome goal set up by a brilliant juke by Shea, nice back heel by Boyd, and great tap by Orozco. Now we just need to do it during World Cup Qualifying.
christian gallus
Thursday August 16, 2012 8:56 am
I agree, Cameron was great and so was the whole back line. It seems that when motivated Break can take it to another level; so its up to the coaching staff to keep him motivated. Break and Boyd( when was the last time you saw a back heel pass at the US national level (my coach in college suspended me 2 games for doing a back heel pass ) created this historic goal(hope to see more of them ) after Breaks nutmeg. Torres is not incisive enough on attack, he never tries to penetrate. With Bradley and Dempsey this should be a good team for the World Cup qualifiers. Congratulations to Klinsman for giving new blood a chance under the toughest conditions to see what they can do.; A historic goal and the setup was beautifull. Christian
Ken Roth
Thursday August 16, 2012 6:46 am
USA has won in Mexico and Italy under Klinsman. Altidore, Gatt, Chandler, Lichaj, Dempsey, Bradley, Kleijstan all could have been there last night. The USA has a better deeper pool of talent than ever before. More players are in Europe. We have the right coach to move the USA into the elite group of soccer nation.
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