CHRISTOPHER ANDERSON - Sunday, August 12, 2012
Rapid returned to the top of the league after toppling the Salzburgers at home, thanks to opportunistic strike from Deni Alar and a solo effort from Lukas Grozurek.

Terrence Boyd figured up top for the first 51 minutes, before ankle problems forced him to be subbed out for Christopher Trimmel.

Rapid took the the lead in the 26th minute off a counter-attack up the right side from Guido Burgstaller, who found Steffen Hofmann in the middle. After evading a trio of defenders, the German tested Walke with a long strike that should have been no problem. Only, the Salzburg keeper couldn't get a handle on it and left it for Deni Alar to nail home from 12 yards out for the surprise 1-0 lead.

At the half hour mark newcomer Havard Nielsen celebrated his first start with the Bulls with a blistering strike that grazed the left post on its way out. Just before the half, defender Stefan Hierländer also knocked on the Rapid door heading through a cross from the right side from about 12 yards out, but wide of the target.

Lukas Grozurek entered the game in the 70th minute for Rapid and made his mark five minutes later. Driving in from the left midfield, he nimbly evaded both Stefan Maierhofer and Christian Schwegler, sliced into the box past Franz Schiemer, and nailed a right-footer in the the back of Walke's net for the 2-0 lead.

Salzburg had a chance to trim the margin in the 81st minute with a penalty after Stefan Kulovits tripped up Jonathan Soriano in the box. The Spaniard however managed to aim for the scoreboard, and launched his penalty nowhere near the net.

Holding on for the win, Rapid returned to first place in the league with nine points, and return home next Saturday to host Sturm Graz.

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