BRIAN SCIARETTA - Wednesday, August 24, 2011
After missing out on promotion to the Austrian Bundesliga by just one point last year, SCR Altach have added American midfielder Seth Moses to revamp their team for the 2011/12 season.

Moses, 18, signed earlier this month with Altach who have already played nine games on the young season. They currently sit in fourth place with 14 points and trail first place WAC by six points.

"It's exciting," Moses told YA from Austria. "It's something I definitely wanted to do. It's my dream. It's just my first step. I still want to make it to the top."

Moses was scouted by Altach when he participated on the 2011 Super Elite tour which is a collection of top young American-based players that are assembled to travel to Europe and play European teams.

The Baltimore native went on the tour but was not expecting it to result in a professional contract.

"I wasn't expecting it at all," Moses revealed. "I just knew I was going to get better from playing over here. I actually thought I was going to come back and play another academy season."

The Super Elite tour has become an important avenue for youth development in recent years as many of the players have achieved success in the years that followed the tournament. Recently players such as Josh Gatt, Sean Cunningham, Kelyn Rowe, Bill Hamid, and Soony Saad have all played on the tour.

Moses enjoyed his tour and accredits it in how he arrived at Altach.

"It was fun and it's a great experience," Moses recalled. "You get to play against European teams and with players from all over the country. It is how I got to Europe."

At Altach, Moses will follow in the footsteps of fellow American and Super Elite veteran Josh Gatt who played on Altach at the beginning of last season before being transferred to Molde. Moses has never played with Gatt but he is well aware of the success he achieved at Altach and respects the amount of effort he put into his game while at the club.

"I didn't know much about Josh but I've watched his videos," Moses said of Gatt. "But I was told how after his training sessions he worked on his touch. That showed how much he cared and how determined he was.

Moses grew up as a forward but in recent years he has begun playing defensive midfield. The switch to midfield has also helped him to become more of a team leader.

"I guess just from experience of playing in the midfield and the fact that I always want to win, I'm always encouraging the team to do better," Moses discussed. "I now play defensive midfield but I have a striker's mentality. I can get forward. But I like to step up and lead now.

Moses' initial path at Altach will a little more difficult than it was for Gatt. Gatt enjoyed a full preseason after he signed but Moses will be joining several weeks into the season.

As a result, Moses will likely have to play in several reserve games to start but he is optimistic that first team games will come.

"I know that I'll be playing a little with the reserves to start," Moses said of his expectations. "It'll take some time and I just have to be patient but I'm pretty sure I'll get minutes with the first team."

As for now, Moses is happy that he made the jump to Europe and it is excited from what he has seen so far from Altach, who he even played against on the Super Elite tour.

"Their style of play is similar to what I've always done and what I've always liked to do," Moses concluded. "It's a good team."

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