DAVID SMITH - Wednesday, July 6, 2011
Towering central defender Brad Rusin has added to the flock of yanks in the Danish top flight, finally making a long-planned transfer from US second tier team Carolina RailHawks to HB Køge on a multi-year contract.

"Brad has signed a three year contract with the team," Køge sporting director Per Rud confirmed from their pre-season training camp in northeastern Germany.

"He flew in from North Carolina overnight, had a transfer through Munich this morning and is with the team now," he continued.

"We have a practice game on Friday against Dynamo Dresden so he will have today off from training, but he's a big boy so we don't think he'll have any problem with the jetlag."

The team has had their eye on Rusin for awhile now and had targeted him in a transfer attempt last year, however the deal fell apart, prompting him to see out the season with the Railhawks.

"He was in Denmark last year on tour with a team we are collaborating with in the US called Chicago Bridges," Rud explained. "We had him in practice for two weeks and liked him a lot, but there wasn't any way to make a contract with him at the time."

"He played one very successful season after that in the US, we stayed in touch, and are excited that we finally got him here."

The 6'4" former UCLA Bruin will have little time to get fully incorporated into the team, as they already begin their season in under two weeks with a July 17 visit to AC Horsens.

While this may be too soon for Rusin to feature in their starting lineup, Rud and the team's coaching staff see this as only a temporary situation, as their familiarity with the player has convinced them that he will be a central figure as they try to keep their status in the Danish top flight after last season's promotion campaign.

"We were hoping to have him here already one or two weeks ago, in which case we would have expected him to be able to start in our first game next Sunday," Rud admitted. "However the first game is soon so it's too short of a time to say how soon he'll be in the starting lineup."

"We have big expectations for him," Rud asserted. "Since he'd already spent some time with the team, the coaches already knew they liked him and that he has a strong character."

"I can say 100% that he's not just here to be a reserve player and we expect him to contribute to the first team," he concluded, expressing his faith both in the team's evaluation of Rusin as well as the scouting staff which has kept them up to date on his USL exploits over the recent months leading up to the transfer.

"We believe in our scouting team, and whenever we bring an international player to the team, we do so knowing that they will make a big contribution."
Friday June 29, 2012 2:12 pm
It is pretty sad that somebody in the US 2nd tier would rather travel to Denmark rather than play in the MLS. My guess is that the Danes pay more and offer the player greater upward mobility to Europe. Neither of these two reasons need to exist if MLS treated their non Designated Players properly, and until MLS steps up and makes playing in America attractive to talented Americans we will always be a 2nd rate soccer power.
Wednesday July 6, 2011 5:01 pm
You realize Carolina left USL more than a year ago?

NASL now...

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