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BRIAN SCIARETTA - Wednesday, June 8, 2011
The US national team cruised to an unspectacular but comfortable 2-0 over Canada in Detroit, Michigan in their opening of the 2011 Gold Cup.

US head coach Bob Bradley started a lineup that consisted of many familiar faces. Of the starting 11, eight were on the 2010 US World Cup team. Central defender Tim Ream, midfielder Jermaine Jones, and forward Juan Agudelo were making their debuts for the USMNT in international competition.

The US dominated early in the game and nearly took the lead in the 11th minute when Carlos Bocanegra just missed from six yards on a pass from Michael Bradley.

The United States took the lead in the 15th minute when Jozy Altidore connected on a shot to the near post that beat Canadian keeper Lars Hirschfeld. On the play Michael Bradley played the ball to Donovan on the right wing. Donovan then found Altidore in the box who finished off his second touch.

In the second half Canada would increase their pressure. In the 51st minute Simeon Jackson beat Ream off the dribble but Carlos Bocanegra was able to clear the ball from danger.

In the 61st minute the US would take a 2-0 lead when Landon Donovan and Altidore connected down the left side. Altidore then sent a pass across the box that was deflected by Agudelo. Dempsey made a sliding run at the backpost and hammered it home.

Howard helped preserve the shut out with some solid saves in the second half. Late in the game Canada's Ali Gerba unleashed a shot from just inside the US box but Howard was able to push it over the bar.

With the win, the US moved into first place in Group C of the Gold Cup with Panama defeating Guadeloupe 3-2 in their opener.

Next up for the US is a game against Panama on Saturday, June 11 at Tampa's Raymond James Stadium.
Friday June 10, 2011 3:44 pm
Adu did well in the Turkish second division but I don't think that merits a start for the national team. Our two best strikers are starting and well I'm by no means sold on our attackers from the bench I would not like to see adu enter the game other than as a last resort.
Friday June 10, 2011 11:45 am
Meanwhile El Tri in their last three Gold Cup apperances, yes Im including last years drubbing of our USMT, are averaging 5 goals a game. Not 2 or 3 goals FIVE!!!! If the USMT does not wake up and see the writing on the wall we will not be a match for the Mexican Nats or even Costa Rica. There has got to be a killer instinct on the offensive side of the ball. We have to have offensive players who can handle the ball and set up scoring opportunities for petes sake.....let Freddy Adu start and play 90 minutes, so everyone can see the difference in the offensive output. He needs to be playing with the A team though or his effectiveness is only as good as the weak links around him. Play him opposite Donovan as a winger and move Demps up top. We should also contemplate a 4-3-3. With Demps up top or roaming underneath the two forwards. QUICK.........before its too late. This Gold Cup is muy importante!!!
Thursday June 9, 2011 12:48 pm

While USA 2-0 Canada was by no means a compelling masterpiece, I'm assuming you missed Honduras 0-0 Ecuador the night before.
Thursday June 9, 2011 11:53 am
Glad we got the win here. I think after the Spain game a lot of people were wondering what shape we'd be in mentally. I thought the team came out the way they always should, aggressive and focused, but in the second half that killer instinct was missing. The US almost let Canada back in the game because of it. Overall it was a good performance, but it wasn't a full 90 minutes which we will need against the likes of Mexico and Costa Rica. I'm not really sold on Tim Ream yet. He doesn't seem like the surest tackler and he lacks the pace to make up for mistakes, like when Simeon Jackson beat him between his wide open legs. He needs to work on his positioning when defending 1 v 1. I think I'd almost rather have Bornstein play out left and bring Bocanegra back in the middle. We don't lose anything as far as offense, but we do gain speed on defense out there. Anyway, looking forward to the next game vs Panama. Hopefully Freddy Adu will at least be on the bench for it.
Wednesday June 8, 2011 9:26 pm
most boring ass game of the tournament...
Wednesday June 8, 2011 2:11 pm
To be honest I thought this was a mediocre effort. Canada except for DeRoario is not a great team. Our constant back tapping on offense made me think we were playing a great team to try and control the ball. Some serious lapses in the midfield and defense leading to good chances for Canada. Although he did score and make a nice cross on the second goal Jozy is still ineffective when not on a counter fast break type offense. Agudelo actually had better attempts than Altidore. Jozys goal was a goalee error. Clumsey passes and touches and especially finishes by most of the team. Donovan played well. Demps great finish, but he is a special player requiring a special place on the field, not a ball control attacking mid. Defense held up pretty good. Corners and set pieces were mostly ineffective as far as good scoring opportunities. Better offensive output needed or we will be in trouble in the Gold Cup latter stages.

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