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BRIAN SCIARETTA - Tuesday, October 5, 2010
This past Thursday, US national team head coach Bob Bradley announced the roster for the upcoming friendlies and one of the players he named who will hope to earn his first cap is FC Dallas midfielder Brek Shea.

Shea, 20, is enjoying a breakout season for FC Dallas where he has started 21 out of 22 games and has scored five goals in addition to collecting four assists.

He is part of a very young team that has enjoyed a turnaround season from the previousone where they failed to make the playoffs. This year, Shea is a key contributor to FC Dallas who have third best overall record in MLS this season.

Shea's accomplishments this season were rewarded on Thursday morning when he was called into head coach Schellas Hyndman office and informed that he was named to the US national team's roster for the upcoming friendly.

"Yesterday [Coach] brought me into his office and told me," Shea told YA. "I haven't even talked to Bob Bradley yet. I am very happy with the call up. I just want to go out there and see how I am compared with everyone else. See how it goes."

Shea will certainly have a busy week coming up. This weekend he will play against the Chicago Fire in Dallas and then travel to meet with the US national team where he will practice.

He will then return to Dallas for a MLS game on October 9th against Colorado and will not take part in the US game against Poland.

Following the game against Colorado, Shea will then travel to Philadelphia and rejoin the US team for their game against Colombia on October 12th where he will hope to earn his first cap.

With the turn of events happening very quickly, Shea says he has no idea what to expect in the step up into international play but knows it will be a challenge.

He did, however, receive words of encouragement from his FC Dallas teammate Heath Pearce who also was called up for the game against Colombia.

"I just have to get out there and see what it's like," the College Station, Texas native admitted. "I think there will be a lot less mistakes. People are going to be a lot sharper. I will get out there and see. I am just looking forward to getting in and practicing with the guys to see what it is all about. I talked to Heath about it. He just told me congrats and just go out and have fun."

Shea has not worn the US jersey since last year when he represented the US at the U20 World Cup in Egypt. While that team did not advance to the knockout stages, Shea feels he is a different player now than last year thanks in large part to his regular playing time with a strong and energetic FC Dallas team.

"Definitely I feel like I have improved over this past year," Shea discussed. "I've been playing and contributing regularly and that has helped with my confidence and my composure. I like to get in behind the defenses and help the team. I have settled in out in the wide left position with Dallas and I've played every game."

Shea said the call up to the national team took him by surprise and he had no idea it was coming. The prospect of playing in his first senior international game has not set in yet but he is anxious for the days that lie ahead.

"I actually had no idea that I was going to get the call," Shea concluded. "I was excited to be honest. I didn't know how to react. I am not nervous, but maybe when I get in I will be."
Ed C.
Friday October 8, 2010 2:18 pm
hey adam r. - i've been an arsenal fan before they hired that guy called arsene wenger. if you meant to say that i just like to jump on the bandwagon when teams win, you should have said chelsea or man u! did you want me to name the young guys playing in mexico? those chosen for the youth teams should get call ups much sooner if they're with a decent team. and i'm not ripping anybody - you have never experienced me ripping anybody! perhaps its more my frustration with bradley being given the job yet again when there are so many good coaches out there. we can do so much better than him. should i name some coaches for you too??
Adam R.
Friday October 8, 2010 10:40 am
I love commentors like Ed C. who rip the players called in but fail to name any alternatives.

These are the best players we have, and they aren't too bad if you've been paying attention. Perhaps you'd feel more comfortable being a fan of Brazil? If you are a Chelsea or Arsenal "fan" like so many others, you'll be comfortable in a frontrunning role.
Ed C.
Friday October 8, 2010 6:10 am
Yeah jtd, perhaps he doesn't. spector doesn't become a better player by NOT playing for his club, so why is he there? to be honest, i don't know follow MLS since i live in Europe. i just don't see a player excelling by playing in a mediocre league. your average MLS team, in my opinion would finish the bottom half of the table in the English League One. Why not bring in Mix Diskerud from Norway? What about some of the young guys playing in Mexico?

Ah, one question - what does "your kind of a clueless downer"mean? did you mean "you're..." i'm assuming so otherwise you don't have a verb in your sentence and we all know a sentence isn't a sentence without a verb! then again, i assume what you said is an insult. i am by no means clueless nor a downer. a downer is a depressing person. do i depress you? still, i'm sure you'r a sweet guy/girl.
Thursday October 7, 2010 2:40 pm
Fair enough to criticize, but if Bradley brings in the same old names (Spector) he gets ripped, and in the same email he gets pilloried for bringing in new young faces (Shea). You cannot have it both ways.
As for Spector, Bradley has a pretty good idea of who can do what, so we have to have faith he sees enough to trust Spector does not blow the game for him with a defensive blunder. I am more excited by the U-20 team that for the first time has almost a dozen hispanics including 5 playing in Mexico first division, and more than a few forwards that can score goals. Eddie Johnson and Brian Ching and the same old crew of forwards that cannot finish chances, that will not be our Achilles heel in 2014. And there are plenty of talented defenders, such as Chad Marshall, Omar Gonzales and plenty more of 20 somethings. USA will never again face such a shortage that we have to play a left back who does not belong there (Bocanegra) or one that cannot play there (Bornstein). Bradleys weakness is only his team's lack of scoring talent, and that is NOT his fault. Selection yes, he makes those decisions. teaching how to score? Not at National Team level. Too late to teach at that level, and with the few coaching sessions available. If they are not learning to score at club level, they never will. We need to hand out more green cards and less yellows and reds.
Christina M.
Thursday October 7, 2010 1:58 pm
Good for Shea - I hope this is his big break and he can do some good for our team!
Thursday October 7, 2010 2:23 am
Ed, maybe Bob Bradley doesn't realize that there's a secret stash of world class forwards and backs the the US has been hiding in a cave somewhere. Let's see, if you don't bring in Spector, you bring in someone like Heath Pearce from "such a league". What do you expect? Your kind of a clueless downer.
Ed C.
Wednesday October 6, 2010 10:33 am
seems anybody can make the US team these days! somebody tell me why a guy who scores every 5+ games in such a league can get a call-up! better yet, tell me why somebody like spector keeps getting called up when west ham fans voted him their worst player last year and this year he cannot seem to get a game in for them!!

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