Monday, July 26, 2010
While rumors persist regarding the future of US national team coach Bob Bradley, legendary Manchester United head coach Sir Alex Ferguson has no doubt that the American boss would excel as a head man in Europe.

Ferguson expressed his admiration for the former Princteon coach, who has been linked with a move to English Premier League club Fulham in the wake of Roy Hodgson's departure for Liverpool, when asked as to whether or not Bradley could be successful as a coach in England.

The long-time United coach believes Bradley would not be intimated at all at the helm of the Cottagers.

"I know he has been linked with the Fulham job and I don't think it is beyond his boundaries at all," Ferguson told YA. "I think he is very capable of taking on a challenge like that."

The long-time coach of the Red Devils is gearing up his squad for yet another run at the EPL title and will be taking on the MLS All-Star squad in an exhibition on Wednesday night at Reliant Stadium in Houston.

Ferguson watched from afar as the US team made its memorable run to the knockout round of the World Cup that included a hard-fought draw versus Fabio Capello's England in the opening match of the group stage.

The coaching job performed by Bradley drew plenty of accolades from Ferguson who wonders aloud as to why US Soccer have not wrapped up the former MetroStars coach to stay on for another World Cup cycle.

"I like Bob, I like his approach, I think he has a steely determination about him and he's got a lot of detail in his coaching," Ferguson said of Bradley. "I think he did a fantastic job [at the World Cup] and I am surprised the USA have not sprinted to his house and given him a new contract, I must say that."

Now entering his 24th season with United, Ferguson is seen as a senior statesman of all coaches not only for clubs in England, but for all of Europe.

He says he would absolutely welcome in the 52 year old American as one of his peers in the EPL and feels that Bradley would certainly be able to meet the rigors of coaching a top-flight club abroad should he not return to coach the US.

"He may want the challenge himself... I think what he has achieved with the USA has been very good," concluded Ferguson. "He is a young man and I don't think there is anything wrong with seeking a challenge in Europe or England for that matter.
Wednesday July 28, 2010 4:42 pm
Well, given the USA's performance at the W.C. and the Confed. Cup and winning the CONCACAF, it is hard to think that Ferguson is just being nice. The real issue with Bradley to Fulham is his lack of a UEFA license. For that reason it will not happen. Based on the record, it is hard to argue that whoever coached Italy, France, England or Brazil would have been a better choice!
Wednesday July 28, 2010 12:00 pm
If Bob goes to Fulham, will we see Eddie Johnson start up for ~20+ games with only a couple goals to show for it, but stick with him anyways?
Tuesday July 27, 2010 10:46 pm
Oh come on, he's on a tour of North America... what would you expect him to be saying... "He's a truly ordinary coach and I'd just love to have him do an ordinary job at a club I have to play twice a season... yep, he'd make it just that much easier for United to sweep 'em!"!???
This is a NON STORY... now I have to really think that the board of directors at Fulham would be crazy to seriously offer the job to a coach whom has never managed ANYWHERE in Europe, let alone in one of the top leagues in the world, who had one league title with Chicago...but that might have had more to do with the weak state of the MLS at the time and the fact that he had Piotr Nowak and Hristo Stoitchkov playing on that team. Since then even his MLS record has been mediocre at best... and as far as his record with the US National team, much has been made of the win against Spain last year... but what of the away loss at Costa Rica? What about the 5-0 loss in the final of the Gold Cup to arch rival Mexico? What about the pair of losses to Brazil?, what about scrambling to tie Costa Rica after going down 2-0 at home?... what about the fact that after TWO YEARS...we STILL don't seem to have a viable answer for our left flank? No I see this whole Fulham thing as a Fleet Street summer story... and the Board, well aware of the situations with Manchester United and Liverpool's ownership by Americans...are simply NEVER going to hire this guy...NEVER!
Tuesday July 27, 2010 10:28 pm
Not the biggest fan of Bradley's but I would love to see an American coach go to Europe and be successful. With that being said Fulham probably will never reach the heights they scaled last year, and he will be probably fighting to just keep them away from relegation, and mid table.

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