Sunday, June 27, 2010
If United States team captain Carlos Bocanegra had any say in whether or not Bob Bradley should stay on as national team head coach, the defender states that he would love to see Bradley return for another cycle.

Bocanegra credits Bradley with the team's run to the knockout stages of the World Cup and feels that it was his coach's planning prior to each match that played an integral part in their success on the field in South Africa.

"He did really well with us," Bocanegra told YA following Saturday's match. "I don't know what his plans are but he did great with this team especially getting the most out of each player. He had us organized and always prepared which is a tribute to him and his staff. So whether or not he stays here or wants to take another job or try his luck in Europe, I don't know what he's going to do but he did well to push this national team in the right direction."

Bocanegra was involved in the game-winning goal as his club teammate and Ghana striker Asamoah Gyan was able to fight through the American defense and send a shot past goalkeeper Tim Howard in the third minute of extra time to give the African team a quarterfinal date with Uruguay.

While the former Fulham man and company kept Gyan in check for a large part of the match, Bocanegra concedes that all it took was one instance where the speedy Ghanaian striker was able to slip through the US defense and fire home the game-deciding goal.

"I couldn't grab him since I already had a yellow card," he said of the play. "I don't know how close we were in the box to fouling him. He had inside track to the ball and he's quite pacy and once he gets by it's difficult for me to get on the other side of him."

In reflecting on the difference between the failed campaign in Germany four years ago compared with this recently concluded run, the native California points to the unity he and his teammates felt shared all throughout the tournament.

"I think the last time around, the tournament as a whole was not good." said Bocanegra of the US performance at the 2006 World Cup. "We had a great performance against Italy, but we were inconsistent. This time, we were consistent but unfortunately that meant going down a goal and pushing every game. But I'm proud of the guys. to be a part of this team and how everyone pushed and fought for each other where there was no one individual. Everyone put team first.We can leave holding our heads high knowing we left everything on the field."

The Rennes defender added that they were also acutely aware of the groundswell of support they were receiving by all the fans back home and how coming up short in reaching the quarterfinals has left the American squad both frustrated and exhausted.

"I know after the Algeria game, our emotions were high and America's emotions were high." he concluded. "For us, it's a little frustrating because we were right there to push on to the quarterfinals and as a group, we felt like [Ghana] is somebody we can beat, but it just didn't go for us today. We tried to push but I don't know if we had anything left since we'd been pushing the whole tournament."
Saturday July 17, 2010 6:50 pm
Thursday July 1, 2010 3:49 pm
Hey oliosmirf -
Check your facts. The vast majority of the US team play for clubs in Europe, mainly in the EPL. We had a few MLS guys out there, including Donovan, who scored 3 goals.
Thursday July 1, 2010 2:39 pm
Bob is obviously a great motivator, but his teams over the past year have been grossly underprepared and don't get me started on his lineup choices. His lineup choices in the Ghana weren't second guessed, they were first guessed. Finley started THREE games and was subbed off THREE times at halftime. Clark was below average against England, sat two games and then got the start after Feilhaber and Edu showed they were MORE than capable? I'm sorry but since the 2007 Copa America fiasco this guy has not shown the ability to lead the national team from a tactical level.

Furthermore what is Boca supposed to say? He said what he should've. Not every footballer has to be a jerk you know.
Wednesday June 30, 2010 7:28 am
Bob Bradley did a fantastic job at this world cup. Soccer is not a sport won or lost by the first goal. I am so amazed at how well he held his composure with all the ups and downs during the individual games and during the entire tournament.

All of you read like Alexi the chump Lalas with all of his personal opinions clouding the reality of what is a challenging situation. Mr. Bradley had a team out there. Carlos played his heart out there, and his opinion matters to hardworking people out here who love the USMNT. Maybe, because of this performance, we'll get just a sliver of consideration from the futbol world for how we persevered.
Monday June 28, 2010 4:44 pm
I would have to agree. Bob Bradley is a good coach do not get me wrong, but in the MLS. He does not belong in the international stage, we absolutely must hire Jurgen Klinsman. He lives in the U.S., probably knows our players better than anyone else and coached Germany to 3rd in WC 2006. Playing Bornstein and Clark against Ghana was an atrocity to American soccer and everyone seems to know that except Bradley. Only a crazy person starts worse players than players on the bench in the World Cup. I almost feel as if he wants us to lose.

Having Klinsman would allow more of our better MLS players to jump to better teams across the pond. At the end of the day he would improve the entire program big time.
Monday June 28, 2010 2:37 pm
Bradley is practicing a bit of favoritism for whatever reason. Bocanegra is not championship material and in no way should be the middle or the team Captain.....That loser basically gave up when he was a step behind and looked up to the skies for divine intervention rather than keep trying.....

Don't believe what I say? Did the other US Defender nearly run down Gyan from almost 20 yards behind?? The answer is yes....go watch it again.....Boc, simply gave up rather than keep trying and Gyan had to actually slow up to gather that ball prior to firing the lethal shot. Had Boc kept running rather than whining, maybe he could have made a difference.

Where I Bradley, if I ever saw that sort of effort, I would never allow Boc back on the field for me again....I don't care what European team thinks he is great.....I've seen it all with that pitiful effort.

That being said, Someone mentioned Dempsey....that guy is a Golden retriever.....He chases the ball all day long and gets a lot of touches...but does he produce?? Conversely a real star like Donavon does not get that many touches and produces great great results. (He's not perfect...but he does produce) We need to be looking at the whole US for "producers".....a country the size of Oregon should not be able to field a superior team than the 330 million US citizens could.....

Yes, Dump Bradley...there are fundamental mistakes being made....the most glaring is the fact that he fails to prep the team mentally prior to a match. The sleep walking for the first 10 minutes IS THE FAULT of the coach.....
Monday June 28, 2010 1:01 pm
you want to know why we lost?

just look at the clubs the Ghana players play for and look at us.

5 players in Serie A, 3 in EPL, 3 in Bundesliga, 3 in Ligue 1, 1 in La Liga.

in comparison we have guys from the MLS...
Monday June 28, 2010 11:11 am
"we'd been pushing the whole tournament." I have a Belgian (American now) friend who, when he saw the first Ghana goal, said: "Don't worry the Americans have finally developed their own distinctive football style. Go down a goal or two. Come back."

There's something to be said for (or about) that. We seem unable to focus until we're desperate and kind of manically passing forward. The other way of looking at it: we have no idea any more how to either play a stay-back-absorb-pressure game or a pass and pass and dictate tempo kind of game. We can dictate only one kind of tempo: manic, and we do that only when behind. Otherwise, we look the same type of team as we were decades ago: imprecise passes, unable to hold the ball. In those days, it was because we really weren't good enough. Now it's because we seem to be asleep until the other team's goal wakes us up.
Monday June 28, 2010 10:27 am
Who cares what Boca thinks? He is not going to be in the next World Cup. Please do not allow Bob Bradley to continue! There were so many mistakes and so little accountability! He is not a world-class coach, and getting to the Round of 16 when you are fully expected to is not success. Jurgen Klinsman would take the job. We probably have a shot at 10 different world class coaches. Take a look at Roy Hodgson, Jurgen Klinsman or some of the EPL coaches that are out there. We might even be able to woo Fergie away from Man U before he retires. Our shape was terrible in this World Cup, the players' form, save but a few like Dempsey was terrible, and Bob Bradley's comments about the lessons he learned from the World Cup are exactly his problem: "we lacked experience on defense." He had two guys over 30 in central defense when they gave up the goal to Ghana in overtime BECAUSE THEY COULDN'T KEEP UP WITH HIM! C'mon. We have the talent to have done better and we can do better as far as the coach is concerned. Please dump this guy. Being a good person and having a good attitude should not be enough...

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