BRIAN SCIARETTA - Monday, May 3, 2010
Following a successful trial in March with Italian club Chievo Verona, goalkeeper Angelo Viteritti expects to join the club at the Primavera level next season.

While the club could not be reached for comment, Viteritti has told YA that he has been informed that the club would like to sign him for their Primavera team next season.

"My trial went very well," Vitertti told YA. "And I am very happy to say that I made it and will be playing in Italy with Chievo come the summer."

Vitteriti, 18, was first discovered by Cheivo when he played for the New York Stars in last summer's Coppa Carnivale in Viareggio, Italy. He was then invited by the club to go on trial in March.

"The trials went pretty well," Viteritti recalled. "I had three days in the beginning so the first couple of days after I went there, I was trying out. They were basically doing drills with me and trying to determine where I ranked with the goalkeeper they already had. Mostly drills but there were some game-like situations. After the third day they invited me to come back and extend the trial. They liked how I compared with their current goalkeepers at the Primavera level."

The 6'2" Viteritti said that when he was in Italy he enjoyed working with the coaching and received good feedback on his performance. He feels that his ability to learn is what impressed the coaches at Chievo.

"While I was there they were just trying to teach me the Italian style of goalkeeping," Viteritti described. "They think that I can get it because when they were trying to show me things I was picking up on them right away. So they were happy with my ability to learn."

"They were all very nice to me," he continued. "They were trying to make me feel like I was at home and were trying to speak English to me. They were really trying to teach me to understand what they were doing. They were all good guys. I am definitely looking forward to working with them."

Viteritti said that his trial was initially scheduled for three days. He figured out over the course of the trial that the club was interested. When he was told by the coaches that they wanted him to join the team, he was thrilled.

"I was very happy and I was very excited," Viteritti said on the process of learning that he was making the team. "They had actually called the fourth day of my tryout. They called a couple of hours later to let me know they were interested in me. So that was very exciting to hear. As time went on, I found out a little bit more. Then it got to the point where they told me they wanted me to come back. I was very happy about that."

Viteritti is currently a senior at John Glenn High School in Elwood, New York. He has been a four year starter and has earned numerous all-county, all-region, and all state awards. In this past season he managed to earn 10 shutouts for John Glenn.

Viteritti initially had plans to attend Towson University in Maryland but those plans have changed as he will now take his career overseas. He has already called the staff at Towson and informed them of his decision.

"I guess I am not going to have that American college experience," Viteritti said of the decision to forego an NCAA career. "But I definitely think that it is worth it to be over there and to have the chance of a lifetime."

Viteritti expects to arrive in Italy in July or August when Chiveo's Primavera squad first assembles to prepare for their season. Viteritti, whose role model is Italian national team goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon, has set high goals for himself for his first Italian season.

"My expectations right now are, when I get there, to work as hard as I can and become their number one keeper for the Primavera."

As Viteritti prepares to start his European career one thing that he has never done is represent his country in international play. With the US U20 head coach Thomas Rongen not yet set on goalkeepers and exploring various options that include Zac MacMath, Justin Luthy, Earl Edwards and Samir Badr, it is possible that a positive season in Italy could result in Viteritti getting a call-up. It is something that Viteritti feels would be an honor.

"If I ever had the opportunity, I would be more than happy to try to help the national team," Viteritti concluded. "It's definitely a goal of mine."
Christina M.
Wednesday May 19, 2010 9:34 am
Bad idea to skip college. I'm all for cultivating your talent, but he is short-sighted to throw away his education.

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