WOODY BAUM - Sunday, January 31, 2010
Paco Torres and Pachuca sent a message to the league after thumping Atlante while Marco Vidal started for Indios in defeat.

Pachua 5 - 1 Atlante

There was a massacre in the Estadio Hidalgo this weekend as Pachuca wasted no time as they sought to bounce back from last week's loss to the Gallos Blancos.

Paco Torres got the start and played 69 minutes. He distributed the ball well playing central midfield, until he was subbed out after Pachuca already had a 3-1 lead.

Darío Cvitanich started the action off when he scored in the 16th minute on a rebound from a corner kick. Another goal by Pachuca in the 39th minute by Daniel Manso gave the Tuzos a 2-0 lead but Atlante responded quickly 5 minutes later when a shot by Atlante deflected off Pachuca defender Leobardo Lopez and went into his own goal.

It wouldn't be the only humiliating error on the night when Gerardo Castillo of Atlante had an own-goal of his own in the 53rd minute.

Pachuca kept piling on the pressure when Luis Montes scored a beautiful goal in the 68th minute as he shot past Atlante goalkeeper Federico Vilar on a difficult angle.

Adding insult to injury, Juan Carlos Cacho converted a penalty in the 70th minute to give Pachuca the 5-1 lead.

Pachuca left no doubt this week that last week's loss was an anomaly as they thoroughly dominated their guests this week. Pachuca will attempt to repeat this performance when they host San Luis next Saturday.

Puebla 2-1 Gallos Blancos

Puebla blew an important home game as they lost to the Gallos Blancos of Queretaro.

In an exciting match, both teams played attacking soccer from the start creating chances and taking risks. Puebla struck first in the 34th minute when ex-MLS player Carlos Ruiz headed the ball into the area for Puebla giving teammate Alvaro Gonzalez an easy chance as he only had to tap the ball into the goal line.

The Gallos Blancos had the chance to tie a few minutes later when Adrian Romero shot a rocket from outside the area that went just wide.

The Gallos Blancos tied in the 53rd minute off a penalty by Isaac Romero after Manuel Lopez Mondragon of Puebla fouled Emilio Lopez inside the area.

Isaac Romero scored his second goal of the day in the 62nd minute to give Puebla the lead. The goal came off a free kick outside the area which Romero sent powerfully to the right post.

Herculez Gomez came on in the 70th minute but had little impact on the game as the Gallos Blancos were able to maintain the lead and now find themselves surprisingly in first place in the group after their second consecutive win.

Puebla will have to take away points next week when they visit Atlante if they want any chance of saving their season.

America 1-0 Indios

In an emotional match, America defeated bottom dwellers Indios of Ciudad Juarez this Sunday in the Estadio Azteca.

It was the first match played by America since Paraguayan star Salvador Cabañas was shot in the head last week.

America started the action early, dominating the match and putting pressure on the Indios defensive half. Marco Vidal found himself starting for the second week in a row and was able to let off a shot from outside the area in the 27th minute that went wide.

Indios' first chance came off a free kick in the 28th minute but Emil Martinez' shot was stopped by Memo Ochoa.
America took the lead in what would be the game winning goal when Enrique Esqueda shot from the left side on a difficult angle.

The match was back and forth for the rest of the game with both sides creating opportunities, although it was clear that America was the better half.

America preserved the lead and gave Indios its 20th consecutive game without a win. Indios will look to change that when they visit Monarcos of Morelia next weekend.


Edgar Castillo did not travel with Tigres as they tied Jaguares of Chiapas this Saturday as he was injured.

Michael Orozco is no longer with San Luis Potosi. He has been let go and was recently signed by the Philadelphia Union.

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