Monday, June 29, 2009
USMNT forward Landon Donovan feels like there is plenty to learn from Sunday's defeat to Brazil in the final of the Confederations Cup.

A strong second half by the Copa America champions wiped out a 2-0 U.S. halftime lead giving Brazil its third Confederations Cup title.

Despite the painful loss, Donovan insists there is a lot to extract from what transpired on Sunday in Johannesburg.

"We're disappointed, but we're proud of the effort," Donovan told YA following the match. "We need to learn from this game. You don't get chances like this every day and we let it slip away. Our younger guys need to realize what this game was. That sometimes 45 minutes is not enough."

The California native's goal in the 27th minute helped double the margin for the U.S. leaving the Brazilians shell-shocked. However Donovan acknowledges that an early second half goal shifted the balance of power in the match back to the five time World Cup Champions.

"The first Brazilian goal hurt a lot. We wanted to be good defensively but gave up the goal and also the momentum," continued the Los Angeles Galaxy man.

"Brazil was energized and kept coming. We could have done better but Brazil is so strong and powerful. They continue to run at you and create set piece chances for themselves."

The tournament saw many younger players for the U.S. have the opportunity to play and make a difference on the national team including Jozy Altidore and Charlie Davies who both scored during the run to the finals.

A grizzled veteran like Donovan does not see it as younger players stepping up but rather playing and performing to the fullest.

"A lot of guys did what they're capable of so I think we need to get more guys doing that. Losing 3-2 and thinking 'oh well, it was a good try' is not enough. We believe we can get better," added Donovan.

The high level of play exhibited by the former Bayer Levekusen man will certainly be the topic of discussion the rest of the summer among coaches and executives of European clubs.

With rumors of possibly landing in Italy or Spain, a plethora of options may await Donovan upon his return to the west coast. However do not expect the all-time leading scorer in U.S. Soccer history to divulge his future club plans quite yet.

"I wish it were that easy where I could just pick a team and go. There is a lot to think about and contractual obligations to consider. We'll see," he shrugged.

Donovan finished up the Confederations Cup with two goals, the second most on the team behind Clint Dempsey's three goals.
Sunday July 12, 2009 10:56 pm
what rumors in italy or spain are you talking about?
Sunday July 5, 2009 1:44 am
Well it would be nice if Bob Bradley and US Soccer finally started listing Landon as an attacking MF instead of as a Forward... because he clearly plays better attacking from a MF position than waiting up front for someone, anyone to get him the ball. He also thinks more like a mf player, looking to pass the ball off more than to shoot it... this is not so much a rap on him as an acknowledgement of his temperament.

Clint Dempsey is the exact opposite, and shouldn't be seen so much as a wide MF player but more as a target Striker... he is loath to pass and quick to shoot.

It has become quite clear that good or bad, our team rests on Landon having a good match. But we still need someone in central MF to run the show, or at least give us a second option... maybe it's Jermaine Jones, maybe it's not but we'd better find out pretty damned soon or we'll be too predictable in mf... a one trick pony.
Wednesday July 1, 2009 3:31 am
Donovan played faultlessly and I think he'll end up back in Europe after this MLS season. This is a great story and hopefully the US can keep up their form heading into the World Cup. If all goes to plan we may find so new prospects for the US MNT in this summers Gold Cup.
the dude
Wednesday July 1, 2009 3:07 am
To all the Landon lovers...

Landon had a great tournament by Landon's and the American media's mediocre standards. I think he'd be a better player if the media took him to task for his brainless moments. Instead, the media gives in to its desperation to find a silver lining. The USMNT's "great" is still the majority of the world's "average" and I am crazy about the USMNT. And 27 year old footie veterans who get paid X amount of dollars in contract and endorsement should scrutinize themselves instead of being loose lipped about others. He talks as if he never makes mistakes...if he doesn't remind the viewing public they'll forget. (It seems to be working.)

So here's a few things our up and coming youngsters should not learn from Landon:

How to fail in Europe.
How to kick a dead ball on target inconsistently in your footie prime.
How to whine to the press about the younger guys and subtly blame them for losing a two goal lead.
How to cross directly into traffic.
How to take all the credit for scoring your one goal in the run of play.
How to overcompensate for insecurity by pointing out the faults of others.
How to whine about an opponent's behavior after a match.

Best thing to happen to Landon would be for the media to stop paying attention to him. The guy reads too much of his own press, doesn't like sharing the spotlight and is starting to believe everything Harkes says about him.

That's like my opinion man.
Tuesday June 30, 2009 4:08 pm
Landon is the backbone of the US team. The young players should learn from him.

"sometimes 45 minutes is not enough"

That was as true in the loss to Brazil as it was in the victory over Honduras. Let's see a 90+ minute team for next summer.
Monday June 29, 2009 8:54 pm
Wonder what Bayern thinks of Landon now? Luca many goals in this tourney? What's that? Zero?!! Karl Heinz Rummenegge should have listened to Klinsi, but he and Franz gave him the boot as well. I hope Landon goes to a good, mid table Italian or Spanish club if he does return to Europe.
Monday June 29, 2009 5:07 pm
Landon was a leading force on the field through the whole tournament. Clearly, he learned something about competiting consistently (professionally) from the guys at Bayern Munchen while he was there. He showed passion throughout the tournament and led by example. His comments after the match showed maturity and perspective ("...we don't care about respect at this point, we want to win...").

Let's hope the loss keeps a fire in his belly to push this team to greater competitiveness (and less inconsistency) in the coming 13 months.
Monday June 29, 2009 2:44 pm
Donovan was the best player in the team!

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