DAVID SMITH - Thursday, June 25, 2009
After proving to be one of the more dangerous cogs in the team's attack for their stunning upset over Spain, Charlie Davies feels the US team has turned a important corner.

"For the team, it's unbelievable beating the world's best team 2-0 and basically dominating them," Davies told YA following the game. "They weren't able to find a rhythm and I think it's the best game in my recent memory I could ever imagine the US playing in my lifetime."

The forward tandem of Davies and Jozy Altidore proved particularly dangerous for the European champions, who had troubles keeping up with their speed and aggressive mode of attack.

"They were talking Spanish about me the whole time," Davies continues. "Puyol and Pique about how fast I was, [to] be careful and play quickly, because I could steal the ball from them at times."

"It's good to hear that. When world class players are telling you they're afraid of you."

The pairing of Davies and Altidore in the attack has proven to be a revelation for Bob Bradley, with the duo providing an attacking bite against both Egypt and Spain which was seemingly lacking through their first two defeats in the group stage.

"I think me and Jozy really make a great partnership," the New Hampshire native explains. "It really helps that we're really great fiends off the field and then on to the field we bring that chemistry on to the field and really want to work for each other."

"I think we compliment each other very well."

Davies was quick to point out that the younger Altidore was a vital factor in the team's historic victory, not only for his on-field acumen but also for his leadership in preparing Davies to face many of the players which the Villarreal man has himself seen or faced in his own time in Spain.

"I thought Jozy was great," Davies effuses. "He really instilled a lot of confidence in me early, saying how dangerous of a player I am, to keep my head up and to know that I am a very good player."

"[Jozy] told me before the game they aren't that quick and we were just going to run at them."

"He knew all the players he played against, had a lot of confidence and knew he could get the job done."

While not finding his way onto the scoresheet for the Stars and Stripes against Spain, Davies speed and aggressive play was troublesome particularly in the early-going for the sunken Spanish armada, firing just wide on a spectacular bicycle attempt with only a few minutes gone, and generally pestering a slow Spanish defense that is not used to playing from their heel.

The 23-year old Hammarby player is indeed encouraged by his own ability to compete with the world's top teams, and looks forward to living up to his own potential in the coming years.

"For me it's definitely a confidence booster to go out and play with the best and really hold your own and know you can make an impact at any time."

"I am still young and still working on a lot of things so I know I have a lot of potential and I am excited for the future."

Concurrent with the opinion of many fans, Davies feels that the Red, White and Blue's focus on attack in their last two victories has played well to their most important attributes and given them the on-field means for their Lazarus-like resurgence.

"It's amazing, he admits. "[It] shows how far the US has come as a nation, losing two games in a row, then really turning the tide."

"Once we went to a 4-4-2 and starting attacking our whole game has changed, we put teams on their heels and they are really scared of our team speed."

"Landon has done a great job of using all the space he has on the wings," Davies finished, "as well as Dempsey being able to come up top to support me and Jozy."

"Things are really working well for us."
Friday June 26, 2009 10:51 am
The Brazil defense will set their backline much higher than did Spain.

Once Ching became unavailable, all of us knew even before the first match of Confed Cup that Altidore would finally be paired with Davies.
I've been wishing for this pairing for a year, rather than the supersub status that Charlie was being given. It sort of evolved as it were, as a result of injuries and little depth.
Thursday June 25, 2009 1:50 pm
Early in the game, there is no doubt that Davies forced the Spanish line to set much lower than they otherwise would have liked. That took pressure off of the US midfield. After the goal, they had to push the line higher and you saw a few close calls in the first half that could have led to another US goal.

My only complaint with Davies is that he doesn't seem to know what to do with a ball received at his feet. On several occasions when running at defenders, he didn't separate enough to use his speed and yet he didn't have the dribbling skills to create enough space for himself to shoot or make a pass.

He's young and I'm sure it will come. He's an exciting and passionate player. It will be interesting to see how he handles bigger, physical, fast Brazilian defenders.

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