MICHAEL ADUBATO - Wednesday, July 23, 2008
Longford Town's newest signing and Ireland's latest American, Nate Weiss took to the field last Friday night for his first competitive game in the Eircom League First Division after his clearance paperwork was rushed through in Spain.

"I had a very rough time preparing for the game because I honestly didn't know if I was going to be allowed to play or not," the Floridia native told Yanks Abroad.

"It was a situation that I have never been in and then finding out I am cleared three hours before kickoff didn't help. I am very happy though to have played my first game in Ireland, and hopefully I will enjoy success here at Longford."

Having played in Spain prior to joining Longford, Weiss had to wait for his international clearance and was fortunate that his agent Ronnie Woiski had the right contacts.

"My agent in Spain, Ronnie Woiski is a FIFA agent, and he actually had to contact the President of the Spanish Federation in order for my paperwork to get done in one day! So he is pretty much the reason why I was able to get clearance in time."

The Stetson University alumni, who has signed until the end of the season, has already settled in with his new team and feels confident about the future.

"Even though I have only been on the team for two weeks, I feel that the players have taken me into the group very well, better than any team that I have ever been on."

Unfortunately the result went against Weiss and Town on the night, losing 3-1 to Sporting Fingal.

"Even though there were a few players missing, I don't think that was the reason for us losing. I think with the players that we had on the field, we were way more than capable of producing a result."

Longford Town will travel to Waterford to take on the third place Blues on Friday night.

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