KRIS LINDSAY - Tuesday, July 1, 2014
The United States run in the World Cup came to an end Tuesday night, losing 2-1 to Belgium despite a heroic effort from goalkeeper Tim Howard.

The Belgians took the lead in the 93rd minute by Kevin de Bruyne, and added another in the 105th minute from Romelu Lukaku before Julian Green stole one back late for the Americans.

Howard came up big for the US, recording a World Cup record 16 saves, including a denial of forward Divoc Origi in the opening minutes of the game. Origi had slipped past defender Omar Gonzalez, and rocketed a ground ball towards goal, but Howard was there.

The USA held on heroically for 90 minutes, and nearly scored at the death. Jermaine Jones headed forward a pass from the wing directly in front of substitute Chris Wondolowski, who's shot skied past the goal.

Just past the start of extra time, Belgium snuck in front. A breakaway in the 93rd minute from substitute Lukaku found de Bruyne in front of goal. De Bruyne danced past a few defenders and slotted the ball far post past Howard.

Lukaku tallied another goal just before the halftime of the extra periods. The Everton forward blasted a shot near post that left Howard helpless.

The United States were given a lifeline in the 107th minute, when substitute Julian Green was on the receiving end of beautiful over-the-top pass from Michael Bradley. The youngster put his one-time shot past Belgian keeper Thibaut Courtois.

The USA had a chance to level the game just moments later, on a dangerous free kick that saw Courtois make a huge save on Dempsey, who had snuck behind the defense.

The win advances the Belgians to the quarterfinals Saturday, where they will take on Argentina.

The USA will look forward to the Gold Cup, which will begin in June of 2015.
Tuesday July 8, 2014 4:44 am
@HatterDon I was always taught to respect my elders and since you have been watching the Cups since 66, I will remain respectful. However, we must agree to disagree. Against Ghana we did revenge our previous two ouster defeats, but really were out played. Against Portugal we went from birdie to double bogey, gagged, choked and gave up what would have been our greatest victory ever. Game 3 wasn't really a game but more of desperate whimper to get through, bow down to of all teams (sigh) the German's and thereby prove ourselves worthy in the "Group of Death". The Belgium game was sad, as our toothless offense let our courageous goal keeper down with little run support. Sandy Koufax can be pitching for you but you won't win the game without a run. Let's put our big boy soccer shorts on from now on and do what Americans have always done well, make our country proud and for the love of g-d............... ATTACK!!!!!!!!! We have yet to see our best team, until we do that thing that is most American. Hit the Home Run and score more than the other team.
Sunday July 6, 2014 11:56 pm
Well, as we later found out, AJ was suffering. Also, I'll give you all those individuals that you cited are better than what we had in Brazil. What we ALSO had in Brazil was the best TEAM we've ever put on the pitch in a World Cup. We were strong throughout, and I felt that on our day we could give anyone in the tourney a run for their money.

I have never had that before, and I've been watching all the WC's since 1966.
Thursday July 3, 2014 1:51 am
@Hatter Don How long do US futbol fans have to wait before we start to demand quality and victory against the other top national teams? Me? I say we have waited long enough. I don't think this was the best WC squad we have ever had. Howard yes, but the back four we put on the field at the 2009 Confeds Cup was better. Lalas and Balboa were better defensive players than what we put on the field against Belgium. Landon Donovan was better in the midfield in 2010 than Bradley or Bedoya in 2014 and Eric Wynalda was better when he played in the WC than Wondo and maybe as good as Dempsey. I heard our coach call out Wondo on the miss heard round the world, but maybe he should call himself out for subbing in the wrong guy! Not putting Johannsson into that game was a death blow for the US. When you see AJ scoring great goals for us in the future get back to me.
Wednesday July 2, 2014 10:51 pm
Nice spelling and all, but you had to go a very long way to find so much negative about the match, the squad, and our coach.

Me? I thought this was the best World Cup squad we've ever sent to the finals.
Tuesday July 1, 2014 11:57 pm
Historic performance by Howard, but shame on our coach and his choice of Wondolowski over Johannsson as the second sub. How could anyone justify not using a skilled forward who has proven he can be one of the top scorers in Holland's first division and instead put in a soft MLS hack like Wondolowski. Stuart Holden said he would have bet his house that Wondo would have put that shot in. Stu would have been homeless had he made the wager. Wondo scored against pitiful concacaf teams in qualifying and fooled our foolish coach into drinking the Wondo Kool-Aid. That sitter missed by Wondo cost us advancing to the 2014 quarter finals. Let's keep Wondo where he belongs in the MLS (Minor League Soccer) forever please.

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