BRIAN SCIARETTA - Tuesday, August 13, 2013
The USMNT is in the midst of an 11 game winning streak but lost in the accolades is the growing murkiness of the team's right back situation.

For the past decade this hasn't been much of an issue since Steve Cherundolo has owned the position and has been one of the most reliable players in U.S history. But right now Cherundolo is 34 years old and has had two knee surgeries in 2013.

With his experience and leadership, the position is still Cherundolo's to lose but there is no question that age and injuries have left him as a question mark for Brazil.

Unfortunately, the options beyond Cherundolo are still far from certain. There is not a true successor lined up at the moment and each candidate has his strengths and flaws. Here is how things stack up.

Timothy Chandler

Over the past two and a half years, there has been no player more puzzling than Timothy Chandler. He breaks into Nurnberg's first team in January 2011 and plays extremely well. He bailed on the Gold Cup tournament, returned afterward but then bailed again on the World Cup qualifying team.

He returned last year and played in a game against Russia. After endless speculation of his international allegiance, he accepted a cap-tying callup for a World Cup qualifier in February 2013 against Honduras. In that game, he had a very poor performance as the Americans lost. Ever since then vague injuries have seem him fail to earn another callup.

Chandler is currently not in camp with the U.S team in Bosnia and Klinsmann has said it is because other players deserve to be there ahead of him. He has started off his season with Nurnberg poorly as he earned dismal reviews for his first performance in the German Cup and was relegated to the bench in the Bundesliga opener.

The situation is bleak right now for Chandler but it would be wrong to count him out just yet. His omission could only serve as another motivator for the German-born American.

Consider this: he is still just 23 years old and already has 73 Bundesliga appearances to his name. That makes him one of the more experienced players in the pool. He is clearly in a slump but he has all the physical tools to break out of it. It was not long ago when he was being linked to a transfer to Stuttgart.

Chandler may have fallen in the depth chart but there is still a whole European season between now and the World Cup. He looks far more likely to earn more playing time at right back than Spector or Parkhurst and Evans and Cameron are not natural right backs.

Chandler maybe down, but he's not out. If he can get back into Nurnberg's first team, it will be tough for Klinsmann not to give him another chance. Right now, it's all up to Chandler.

Brad Evans

When Brad Evans was asked to play right back against Germany in June, it was a surprise to many. The Sounders veteran performed well and started the remaining qualifiers. He looked dependable but it is clear that right back is not his best position. He struggled at times in one-on-one defensive situations against speedy wingers but was better than average.

Moving forward, Evans will continue to get looks if no other natural right back steps up. He's a good player but would not be an optimal solution for Brazil next year.

Geoff Cameron

Over the past year, Cameron has proven to be very versatile. His best position is central defense but was a decent option at right back for Stoke last year. In World Cup qualifiers this year, Cameron excelled in defensive midfield when partnered with Michael Bradley.

Stoke City was a very defensive team in the Premier League and Klinsmann will likely want his fullbacks to push further into the attack. Cameron is still likely to go to Brazil but it is hard to see him playing as a right back unless in an emergency.

Michael Parkhurst

Last year, Michael Parkhurst was one of the best right backs in the Danish Superliga. After a midseason move to Augsburg, playing time has been tough to come by. Still, Parkhurst was very good at the Gold Cup where he made some terrific passes out of the back and rarely suffered any defensive mistakes.

Klinsmann appears to like Parkhurst and whether or not he goes to Brazil will come down to his season in Germany. If the World Cup was today, he'd be on the roster. But if he struggles to even make the bench at Augsburg, it will be hard for Klinsmann to take him. Right now, he does not appear to be in a good position with Augsburg so he is skating on thin ice - unless, of course, he moves to another club.

Jonathan Spector

Spector's name is in the mix right now but he is fading out of the picture at the moment. Injuries have limited his minutes for 2013 and Birmingham City appears more willing to play him as a midfielder these days.

As a veteran of the U.S national team, he will always be mix at right back if there are no clear contenders but right now, it had to envision him as anything more than a long shot.

Eric Lichaj

If ever there is a dark-horse candidate, it is Eric Lichaj. It is unclear why it has taken so long for Lichaj to get a look from Klinsmann but right now the signs are pointing in his direction. First, he is a natural right back. Second, he is off to a very strong start with Nottingham Forest who could contend for promotion this year into the Premier League. Third, he could earn more minutes at right back this year than any other American right back in Europe.

If Cherundolo struggles to get back to form and Parkhurst/Chandler /Spector remain on the bench, Klinsmann will either have to go with out of position players or give Lichaj a chance.

Tony Beltran

Beltran is on the list since he has been called up a few times, but he has not yet taken advantage of the minutes he has earned. It is hard to see of a scenario where he makes the team.

Fabian Johnson

Last August when the U.S team defeated Mexico at Azteca in a friendly, Fabian Johnson made his only appearance for the U.S team at right back. It shouldn't be much of a surprise that he looked decent. While he is very good with his left foot, he is natural right footed and can defend well.

He wouldn't be a bad option for the U.S team but if Johnson plays on the right side, it would likely leave too big of a hole on the left side.

The rookies: DeAndre Yedlin/Andrew Farrell

DeAndre Yedlin and Andrew Farrell are likely very far away from the national team right now but are worth mentioning. Both have had solid first seasons in MLS and Yedlin in particular looks like a player who could emerge next cycle. A January camp invite in 2014 for both Yedlin and Farrell is certainly a strong possibility.


Assuming Klinsmann takes two right backs, Cherundolo is still the likely candidate despite the age and surgeries. He has played well for Klinsmann and is a leader. There is a chance he could fade out of the picture this season but the safe bet is that he hangs on to make the team.

The other right back spot, while unpopular at the moment, still favors Chandler just because of his potential to earn Bundesliga minutes. He's in a better club position than most other players at the position and it is entirely foreseeable that he gets another chance in 2013. All options are on the table.

Even if Cherundolo and Chandler make the team, the U.S will have other options from players like Cameron and Johnson who can also play the position.

Right back remains the most unpredictable position for the U.S team at the moment where anything can happen. It is impossible to know how it will turn out but it will be interesting to watch the many contenders make their case.
Wednesday August 14, 2013 10:34 pm
Great post. I've been wondering about how this RB depth chart looked.
Wednesday August 14, 2013 10:18 pm
Evans has played remarkably at RB and is currently at the top of the depth chart. Evans forced several corners sliding forward on the right against BH. He attacks well and passes with precision. He held his own on defense

The ESPN FC crew was off the mark when they criticized Evans for raising the offsides arm on one of the goals which were clearly conceded by Cameroon and Brooks.

Does Evans have work to do.. Absolutely.. I would like to see better defense giving up a throw-in vrs
Tuesday August 13, 2013 11:42 pm
With all due respect to the players (all have shown well) I honestly think RB depth chart by May 2014 will look like the following:
1) Chandler (too much upside and ability to win the spot in Bundasliga)
2) Lichaj (Will get a ton of time with Forest & can also play LB in a pinch)
3) Dolo (injuries will limit his club performances...will fall off, but still can fill in as a backup for a game or 2)
4) Cameron (will likely be on the team as a CB, but versatility is key during the Cup. His ability to play CB, CDM, & RB is too good to pass up)
5) Evans (A good fill in, but not seeing time @ RB w/ his club will hurt him once Chandler & Lichaj get games under their belts)
6) Parkhurst (not likely to see time with his club in 2nd Bundas will fall out of the picture)
7) Yedlin & Ferrell will be in consideration next cycle when Dolo, Parkhurst & Evans (all 30+ in 2014) will be out of the international game.
Tuesday August 13, 2013 4:47 pm
Not so sure that moving FJ to right back would leave a huge hole on the left. Damarcus Beasley looked very good at left back, and between Donovan, Dempsey, and even Zusi and Shea, there are quality options to take the left wing spot. Is it ideal? I tend to think not; I think FJ is a better left back than Beasley and a better option on the left wing than at least Zusi and Shea (Donovan and Dempsey may be better utilized elsewhere on the pitch), but if Cherundolo doesn't make the plane and no one else steps up, it's not exactly a dire situation on the left without FJ there. Heck, even EJ has been serviceable on the left wing.
Tuesday August 13, 2013 3:49 pm
What about trying Danny Williams at RB. I know he has played there for Hoffenheim in the past. He also looked good defensively when he started RM for a few games for the US (obviously his attacking qualities are lacking) Not a solution but at least an idea. Would seem to have more physical tools to compete than Parky or Evans (although they are not too bad)

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