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BRIAN SCIARETTA - Tuesday, July 27, 2010
The US U20 national team defeated China 1-0 on Monday in the team's first game at the 2010 Milk Cup in Northern Ireland.

The game's only goal was scored by 16 year old forward Omar Salgado who last month permanently left his club, Chivas, so that he could be eligible for the US U20 national team.

Salgado was widely considered a top prospect for Chivas and he had even spent time playing for Mexican youth national teams.

However due to Chivas' policy of only employing players eligible for the Mexican national team, Salgado was forced to quit the team to follow his dream of playing for the Stars and Stripes. US U20 head coach Thomas Rongen has singled Salgado out as being a key player for the team.

It was also announced earlier in the day that Salgado had come into an agreement with MLS for a Generations Adidas contract. He will enter the MLS Superdraft in January 2011 to determine where he will start his professional career.

The US U20 team was captained by Braga defender Gala Agbossoumonde.

Also in the starting lineup for the US was Dinamo Zagreb midfielder Alex Molano, Red Bulls forward Juan Agudelo, DC United Academy standout Conor Shanosky, former Sporting Lisbon and current Estoril left back Greg Garza, Toronto FC winger Fuad Ibrahim, Houston Dynamo midfielder Francisco Navas Cobo, and NCAA stars Zarek Valentin, Perry Kitchen, and Zac MacMath.

The US will take on Denmark on Wednesday in their second of three games at the Milk Cup. Denmark defeated Japan 4-1 in their opening game on Monday.
Wednesday July 28, 2010 12:02 pm
Omar Gonzalez, Andy Najar, Danny Mwenga, Gale Agbossoumonde, along with Omar Salgado.... you have to be excited about the potential of these guys! All can be world class and if they so choose represent the US in future world cups. As I am doing now, we often hype guys up too much in US Soccer so I apologize for feeding into that trend. But with this said even if one or two of these guys can make an impact in 2014 it'll be a great infusion of youth with some of our aging stars; namely the two biggest Donovan & Dempsey. It's fun to think about the 2014 roster and beyond... Any young US / US eligible guys that I did not include in the shortlist above that should be there??
Wednesday July 28, 2010 9:54 am
Looks like a United Nations roster. Reminds me of the standing joke how US referees carry 3 cards. Yellow for Caution, Red for Expulsion, and Green for Immigration and Citizenship. But having our best players out there around the world playing against the best in very different environments and styles (England-Mexico are such contrasts) will result in improved talent, greater levels of experience and confidence, and good results. Especially if we can develop strikers and score goals. That has been our weakness recently. We had some good scorers, Wynalda, McBride...but the fact is that Donovan, an attacking midfielder, is far and away our leading career scorer at age 28 is indicative of the general lack of scoring talent. but Hey, when games end up 1-0, nobody is doing much scoring, so it would seem we are not alone in needing strikers and talent with a nose for the goal. How many goals did France or Italy score this World Cup? Scoring is the hardest thing to do. So lets be patient. We need to focus on youth coaching. I still see games where age 10-12 defenders stop at the edge of their own goal area or perhaps are told to venture to midfield, even when the ball is in opponents goal mouth or a corner kick is being taken. halfeway there, top 20 worldwide, is a good place for USA to be now.
Tuesday July 27, 2010 11:20 pm
I think this is a very good trend that's happening now in the U-20 team. Opening up to Americans that play or had played in the Mexican League. Players like Salgado are really going to flourish in the MLS and ply their skills here in the States, and hopefully along the road we'll see Salgado play for the US team. Good to see another Mexican-American showing his alligance to the US team.

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