Monday, January 8, 2007
Previous suitors Kaiserslautern have returned to Michael Harrington's agent with the offer of a two-way deal that would see the former Tar Heel wing terror begin with the second team.

The Red Devils have always been eager to sign the left back, but are working on a very tight budget.

Harrington, currently on display at the MLS Combine in Florida, greatly impressed K-Town coach Wolfgang Wolf on a December visit.

"I got a call from Kaiserslautern today," Brian Eylert told YA on Monday afternoon. "They are again interested in Mike. They want him to start him on a Reserves contract, with the idea of leading him into the 2.Bundesliga side."

Should Harrington be able to slide into the first team, his salary would automatically rise to a higher level and he would share equally in all player bonuses.

While Eylert feels Harrington would have a good chance to get the Fritz Walter Stadion call quickly due to a positional need and the coach's opinion of the player, he is unsure if the deal is right.

"The second team is a bit of a mess right now," he explained. "It may be more difficult to show his true worth there."

In addition, MLS could easily compete with the initial salary offered by Kaiserslautern, who are banking on a highly enriching promotion to the Bundesliga to solve their cash woes.

"He is expected to be one of the top picks in (Saturday's) draft, so I'm sure MLS will have something to say," concluded Eylert. "They can probably match or better the money to pursue him."

"Eventually, it's up to Mike. He will decide whether to come to Kaiserslautern or go to MLS."

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