CHAD WINGER - Friday, April 7, 2006
Aris Saloniki midfielder Peter Philipakos has breathed a sigh of relief after an MRI on his ailing right foot showed no major damage.

Originally diagnosed as a sprained tendon, Philipakos decided to seek a second opinion in Athens after initial treatment on the foot which was injured in a March 11th match against Veria was unresponsive.

"The first doctor I saw just told me to rest it for a few days and that it should be fine," Philipakos told YA. "After that didn't work, I wanted to go see my own doctor in Athens."

"There is a little bit of tissue damage in there. The tendon that runs from my big toe and through the foot is also still sore, but it's the tissue in the area that is the biggest problem."

"I've now been told to totally stay off of it for a week and given some simple exercises to help it heal some, but I will definitely be out this weekend. Hopefully, the following game I will be able to play."

The snakebitten American had just returned from a tweaked groin when he suffered the injury, after an opposing player accidentally stepped on his foot in the last minute of extra time.

"I was over by the corner flag, and this guy somehow wasn't paying attention and just stomped on my foot," the New Yorker recalled. "It wasn't done on purpose, and to be honest, at the time I didn't think anything of it. But the next morning, I literally couldn't walk at all."

Following the injury, the youngster missed the next match against Kalamata before returning to action against Panachaiki - despite having not trained during the week.

However, the appearance reaggravated his still tender foot and he has been forced to skip the match versus Ilisiakos, as well as this weekend's tilt with Olympiakos Volou.

Aris currently sit third in the B Ethniki Katigoria, virtually assured a place in next season's top flight with four games remaining.

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