Tuesday, March 7, 2006
Fresh from scoring for the US in the 1-0 win over Poland, Clint Dempsey has admitted that he is itching to join the Americans overseas club after the World Cup Finals.

"Definitely," the New England Revolution star told YA when asked if he wanted to play in Europe. "I think, for me to get better, that is what I am going to have to do."

"It is just a matter of a team wanting me and it being the right kind of situation, but that is definitely something I want to do."

The attacking midfielder from Nacogdoches, Texas spent a week training with Feyenoord in November 2004, days after debuting for the US National Team.

A year later he turned down a training stint with Everton at the end of the 2005 MLS season in order to recuperate before 'Nats duty.

Dempsey, who turns 23 this week, confirmed the coming months should help him fulfill his soccer ambitions, and that those wishes can come true in Europe.

"My dream is to be the best player I can possibly be and to play in a World Cup," he stated. "Hopefully, I can play in the World Cup coming up and Iíll get an opportunity to go overseas."

Dempsey's goal in Kaiserslautern was his second for the US against European opposition, following a strike against England in Chicago last May, and the home of football was first on his list of possible destinations.

"England is a great country to play in," he proffered, adding swiftly, "Germany is a good league, I would play in Holland as well. I trained with Feyenoord after my first season, and it was a good experience."

Dempsey's domestic season opens on April 1st against the Los Angeles Galaxy at the Home Depot Center, but it could well be his last for a while.

"Pretty much anywhere in Europe, as the level is high," he concluded. "They are all so good."

"It just matters on the situation and the team, the timing of everything - you know how these things work out."

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