Friday, July 22, 2005
With reports coming out of the Rosenborg camp that Robbie Russell has been told he can start looking for another team, the player himself finds those reports to be slightly exaggerated.

Having his injured his knee in October of last year, the Massachussetts native has struggled to regain his form and has undergone two knee surgeries - the second of which, according to Russell, "didn't go well at all."

As a result, Russell has been unable to make a full return and recently had a meeting with head coach Per Joar Hansen who told him that being loaned out would probably be his best option.

Russell doesn't want to leave the club, but agrees with the coach in light of his situation.

"I've been injured for almost 6 months now, and [Hansen] brought in a couple of new guys, especially at my position, and he sat me down and told me that with coming back from injury it might be difficult to get playing time."

"I think that in order to get match fit, I need to be playing first team somewhere, and if that means being loaned out, then that's OK."

Though originally expected to be the starting right back, the club was forced to look elsewhere when it became apparent that Russell wouldn't be available and signed defender Alejandro Lago to fill the gap created by the American's absence.

Regarding comments from the club this week that he has been told he's free to look for another club, Russell wasn't surprised at the idea and looks at it as an opportunity to get back to first team play - with Rosenborg.

"They told me they could loan me out, and I'm open to the idea. Sundsvall (of the Swedish Allsvenskan) has already expressed interest, [but] I vetoed that move."

"Rosenborg just wants to see me get fit and playing first team ball is the best way to do that. They don't want to lose me."

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