Thursday June 25, 2009
Let me begin by first stating that no matter what anyone says or claims, no one could have predicted what happened in the last two games.
Sunday June 14, 2009
As expected, the US went into the "Monster's Cave" and got whooped like a government mule. Now, I've never seen such a thing, but it must be a very ugly thing to behold, because that's the worst the US has played in a long time.
Friday May 29, 2009
If you thought Team USA had a tough time in El Salvador, just you wait until they head down to Costa Rica.
Wednesday March 25, 2009
Team USA hits the road for their next World Cup qualifier, with the boys packing their bags (and food, water, bug repellent and malaria shots) as they travel down to the tiny terror known as El Salvador.
Tuesday November 20, 2007
That was closer than it should have been.
Tuesday October 30, 2007
Wait. Is this the same Freddy Adu that scored only one goal in 11 games for Real Salt Lake earlier this year? Adu is tearing it up with Benfica and he just keeps getting better and better with each coming week.
Friday September 7, 2007
In the past, whenever any young American soccer players made the jump to a high-profile European league, it was almost as if the kids were being sent to college.
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