Friday September 7, 2007
I've spent much of these past few weeks helping the club staff search for a new apartment in the area for me. Although I'm currently living in a nice apartment in a small village outside Meppen with two other players, I've decided I'd be happier living closer to the training grounds and stadium. The search continues...
Wednesday August 22, 2007
We've buffed our crystal ball and gazed upon the upcoming nine or so months in Germany for 10 American players spread out over eight teams in the top two divisions.
Wednesday August 15, 2007
I played my first competitive match for SV Meppen in a cup match against TuS Lingen in a heated derby that saw us win in penalties. The atmosphere was amazing and our fans were really the twelfth man that day. I played 75 minutes.
Friday August 10, 2007
With 17 Americans spread across 14 teams in the top three flights, YA has attempted to get a glimpse into what's in store for our England-based Yanks.
Tuesday August 7, 2007
[note]Editor's Note: Yanks Abroad has been known over the three-plus years we've been around for covering the top three flights of European leagues, with the occasional South and Latin America tidbit thrown in.
Wednesday July 25, 2007
The short offseason has come and gone in Denmark, taking with it four Americans who no longer play in the country. Heath Pearce has moved on to greener pastures in Germany, while Matt Dallman, Jamil Fearrington and Joe Zewe actively search for another chance.
Tuesday July 24, 2007
It's been five months and three international tournaments since our last edition, more than ample time to reorganize the YA Travel Office and prepare our 23 Tickets.
Tuesday June 26, 2007
I spent much of this weekend in a bit of a bad mood. No, I'm not bothered about Henry moving to Barca. Shady takeover deals at beleaguered Man City? Nah, doesn't get me down. But when I saw the Copa America call up list that US Coach Bob Bradley put together, I couldn't believe my eyes.
Wednesday May 23, 2007
With just over a month remaining before the US Under-20 National Team takes to the field in Montreal, 12 players are sure to be headed north of the border.
Wednesday May 23, 2007
The first couple of years at Yanks Abroad, picking the player of the year was easier than voting in Florida.
Tuesday May 15, 2007
The English league season ended in a downpour on Sunday, but for the Yanks stationed over here, it has been a damp season that never caught fire all round.
Wednesday May 2, 2007
With a nod towards my colleague Aaron Gidding and his recent article about what the future holds for Yanks in England, I thought I would take a look at what might happen next year for some of the Germany based Yanks.
Tuesday April 24, 2007
Newcastle United had until April 20th to decide whether or not to exercise their option to buy Oguchi Onyewu after a brief loan spell, but in a move that comes as a surprise to no one, the Magpies have decided not take on the big defender, opening up speculation on where the Maryland native will play next.
Tuesday April 24, 2007
While only time will tell which of the six Yank teams currently battling relegation across England's professional leagues will survive, perhaps it is time to forget some current worries and look ahead to what may be in store for the Americans playing in England next season.
Wednesday April 18, 2007
Once again, my pure state of soccer discombobulation has compelled me to go jazz on this keyboard. Nike has their slogan, and I have mine: just riff it. All you groovy cats grab your goatee, your latte and a seat on the crushed velvet couch 'coz I'm about to go Bebop on all sixes.
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The final stretch of the English league season is upon us, with several Americans on the verge of relegation with their teams.
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